The three methods of pipe relining we do:

-  Pipeline Patching
-  Junction Relining
-  Inversion Relining

Drain re-lining becoming a popular way of fixing pipes and drains as it doesn’t require any digging or concrete removal / no interference with anything other than the drain itself. In a simple way of explaining the method:

1.  First we use small cameras to run inside the drain to first inspect the drain for any damages.
2.  Then we clear the drain out from the inside with high pressure hydro-jetters.
3.   We then install the drain relining in the drain which can be done in small patches or over much longer continuous runs to cover an entire drainage system. This then acts as a new pipe/drain without any defects allowing tree roots ect to enter and cause problems. Obviously the process is more complex and will vary in different job types, but this 3-step process is an easy way to simply explain it.



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