Sunflux Hot Water Systems


The SunFlux is an innovative, high quality solar hot water controller, giving you total control of your hot water energy consumption at the flick of a switch.

It is fitted with a unique user-friendly switch, making it easy to switch from using PV solar panels to mains-grid or off-grid power supply if there have been long periods of insufficient sun.

The SunFlux is more efficient than traditional solar hot water systems, especially in cold or overcast conditions. Create your own independence with year-round hot water, even in the event of a power outage. The SunFlux gives you peace of mind by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and also giving you a significant saving on your energy bills.

The SUNFLUX is an off-grid solar system (with electric or gas backup) so it will not affect your current solar system with existing feed-in tariffs. Meaning that your current solar system will not be powering your hot water service allowing more power to be put back into the grid resulting in bigger returns from the electricity company. Can be used in conjunction with gas hot water systems to lower gas consumption. No pumps or sensors, no water on the roof to cause an issue like conventional solar hot water systems.



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